Accessories … Perfect with HAUX

Components, spare parts and modules bring every machine to perfection. Grinding wheels, measuring devices, filter units and controls from HAUX complete the equipment. Collaboration with renowned manufactures guarantees high product quality.

  • Fast order processing
  • Wide selection 
  • High-quality products from renowned manufacturers 
  • Reliable service and additional services

Grinding wheels

HAUX supplies corundum or CBN grinding wheels from its suppliers to suit the units, and it provides support during grinding wheel selection and the development of dressing strategies.

• Selection of grinding wheels
• Determining dressing strategies 

Measuring equipment

Measuring equipment produced in-house or purchased from other manufacturers is supplied to suit the units. This equipment is supplied with the unit as by-pack or integrated in it.

• Checking the workpiece geometry

Peripheral units

As the system supplier, HAUX supplies suitable filter, cooling and suction units upon request. 


A wide variety of accessory parts is offered for automation. Automation encompasses parts storage, automated parts feed and concepts for gripping or measuring the parts in the automation process.

• Parts feed
• Parts storage
• Measuring the parts 

Control/Control conversion

Depending on the requirement, various controls are available so that hardware and machine form an optimal unit. The appropriate control is selected to match the size and application of the machine. A wide variety of spare parts is also available for the control.